Teriyaki Salmon and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

This is a recipe I grew up on that my daddy used to make all the time. I was such a picky eater when I was little, but salmon was something I loved. I still am not too much of a seafood fan, but I dont think I could live without salmon. It is so good, almost every way you can think of making it!


This is possibly the easiest recipe Ive ever made, seriously. There arent too many ingredients, and the prep takes about 10min. Feel free to marinate your salmon as long as you’d like beforehand.


2 Salmon Filets (or 4, or 10.. depends on your dinner size)
1/2 cup Kikoman teriyaki sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1 teaspoon onion powder
fresh cracked pepper


First and foremost, you want to debone your salmon. The grocery store wont do this for you, unfortunately. It really isn’t too hard, and all you need is a pair of tweezers. Take your fingers and slowly rub your fingers along the top of the flesh, you can feel where the bones are. Using the tweezers, grip the bone as hard as you can, slowly pulling the bone out. This isnt like doing your eyebrows where you want to go quickly, fish is slippery, and you’ll lose the grip with the tweezers if you go too fast.

If you’re not into deboning, and your family is cool with bones and knows how to avoid them, keep them in. Its ultimately up to you.

In a sealable container, add filets skin side up. Pour in teriyaki and soy sauce, chopped garlic, onion powder, and cracked pepper. Put the lid on and refrigerate for however long you want before wanting to cook your salmon.

When you’re ready to cook the fish, heat your oven to 400°F and cook for 20min. Personally, I prefer my fish one extreme or the other; completely raw or very well done. Cook to your liking…


Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

1lb green beans
1 pack of thick cut bacon
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon favorite seasoning


Take about 8 green beans and bundle them, wrapping the bacon around the center of each bundle. Arrange on a baking pan, one with sides so grease doesnt get all over your oven. Heat oven to 400°F. While the oven is heating, melt butter in a small saucepan and add your favorite seasoning to the melted butter. I used McCormick’s Garlic and Herb blend. Spoon mixture over each bundle and you’re ready to go!


I put the bacon bundles in the oven first since they take a little while longer, 10min early. Then I added the salmon and let them both go. Dinner was delicious and easy! Served with white rice on the side, and some nice white wine. 🙂


Crockpot Korean Beef Shortribs

Another perfect meal in the crockpot!

How could anyone not love using a crockpot for things like ribs (when its not bbq season) and roasts? I love it, especially for days that I have so much going on and wont have time to make something really yummy later on.

I have always been obsessed with all kinds of asian foods, and my hubs is Filipino, so I decided to try and find some recipes I could make at home to get the same yummy stuff, without having to always go out to eat. I found this recipe for Korean Beef Tacos from a really cool blogger named Tina, and I fell in love. Not only did she post the recipe on my birthday last year, but it turned out AMAZING!! I mean, so amazing – and SO simple.

I have made this a couple of times, and have since changed the recipe to fit my family. I don’t make tacos, or the cucumber slaw.


Korean Beef:

4-5lbs Beef Shortribs (you can use back ribs if you want to save money)
2 cups soy sauce
1 2/3 cups packed brown sugar
15 cloves garlic, minced
6 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons dark sesame oil
2 tablespoons hot chili oil
1 teaspoon pepper

PLEASE remember not to salt this dish, as the soy sauce is more than enough salt on its own.


When I said this dish is easy, I meant it. You don’t even have to brown the meat or anything. Just rinse it, please. And remember that little food processor I showed you in the Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe? You can either smash the garlic, take the time to chop it up, or invest in a handy dandy little chopper and chop it up that way.



After you’ve got the garlic chopped, ingredients measured, and meat rinsed, you can spray your crockpot lightly with cooking spray and put the meat in. Combine all of the wet and dry ingredients, including garlic, and add them to the pot. If your liquid doesn’t quite cover the ribs, add little water. They will create their own liquid as they cook.



After you get it all in the bath, let it cook on low for around 8 hours, or on high for about 5 hours. Low and slow is always the way to go, though. hehe Totally didn’t mean to do that.

Anyway.. I always make my ribs with rice and veggies. And duh, I have an awesome rice cooker that the hubs got us! It really is a miracle maker in the kitchen. It makes PERFECT rice every time, and for just the 3 of us it makes more than enough.

One “serving” is about 2/3 of a cup and feeds 3 people very well, but you can make way more than that in this little thing. You put the rice in, we use Jasmine, and the correct amount of water, and let it cook. It automatically switches to “warming” once its done.



All in all, these ribs are amazing.. For anyone. Even picky eaters. They dont taste super tangy, or spicy, and they come out so freakin tender its crazy. You could totally do the taco thing if thats more appealing to you! I really suggest everyone tries these, they’re perfection.