Shaking Things Up A Bit!


Lately Ive really been trying to get healthier. Not just working out, but my whole lifestyle. Eating more fruits and veggies, drinking more water, eating non-processed foods etc. You get the picture.

I’ve really given a lot of thought about going Paleo but its pretty hard, as well as unreasonable, to expect my family to make that transition also. So I’ve done what I can for now, until they decide they’re into it.

More protein, fish, veggies, fruit, and water.
Less bad carbs (picture me bawling) – no white bread, no white rice, minimal white potatoes, and a very minimal amount of sugar. Whats too bad about that?

My wonderful fiancé got me a Ninja Blender that is out of this world! As of two weeks ago, I have started each day with a GREEN SHAKE!

Load that baby up with everything good for you, and on gym days you can even add your protein powder to it! I personally prefer the frozen fruit because it makes it thicker and colder, it doesn’t rot like fresh fruit does, and its way more affordable.

Here are the main ingredients I use daily:
Fresh Spinach (Target has the cheapest bags $1.99, and its freezeable)
Celery (you get used to the taste after the first drink)
Frozen Fruit Mix (no added sugar or sodium. Target has the most affordable $10 mixed bags)
I usually get three bags of varying mixes to have a variety during the week. Blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries. Mango, pineapple, peaches. Strawberries, mangos, bananas.

When you make a smoothie you need some sort of liquid. A friend of mine suggested I use warm brewed Green Tea, which is GENIUS! Not only is it wonderful for you, but it helps melt the frozen fruit.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 3.41.11 PM

Daily Smoothie

1 Cup Spinach
1 Carrot (cut in a few pieces)
1 Banana
1 Stalk Celery (cut in pieces)
1 Cup (sometimes more) mixed frozen fruit
About a 1/2 cup liquid. I add it slowly until my smoothie is the consistency I want.

Blend until smooth, and add to whatever glass or bottle you want! These smoothies are so very filling, and healthy! You get a huuuuge dose of veggies and fruits. I have replaced my breakfast with them, and they keep me full until about 12pm (drinking smoothie at 7am).

Enjoy! 🙂


The Perfect Peanut Butter Sandwich

Every morning, I get up a little earlier than I need to and I make my step-daughter a PB&J to take to school with her. I know how much cafeteria lunches suck in HS, and I also know how overpriced the good food they sell is. Seeing as though they don’t offer off-campus lunch where she goes, and I don’t want her starving every time I pick her up, I took it upon myself to make sure she had something she liked for lunch everyday. Could she make her own sandwich if she reaaaaalllllyyyyy wanted to? Sure she could.. She is a very responsible and independent teenager, and does very well on her own. But I like doing it 🙂

Ever since I can remember, I’ve hated PB&J. My twin brother, on the other hand, loves it. I prefer PB&B (bananas), or PB&N (nutella).
When we were 7 yrs old, we were adopted by our aunt and uncle which forced a relocation to the State of Washington – in the middle of nowhere – to their Bed and Breakfast. Our new parents didn’t know much about us, and one day tried to feed me peanut butter and jelly. Boyyyyy, did they hit a nerve. I refused to eat said sandwich, and was sent to my room. I ended up being so upset about it that I tried to run away. LMAO! I didn’t even bring anything with me, and only got about a mile down our dirt road/driveway before I just sat down and cried.. All I wanted was a tuna sandwich, or anything other than PB&J!

Personally, I don’t care for any kind of jelly, jam, marmalade, none of it. Ever. On anything.

I think thats the way life is about a bunch of things. Ketchup or Ranch, Mayo or Miracle Whip, Honey Mustard or BBQ.. I’ve noticed over the years youre either into one or the other of all of those. Personally, I know I would choose Ranch dressing over Ketchup for fries, Mayo any day for my sandwich, and definitely Honey Mustard for my nuggets.


Some people may think there is no art to making a peanut butter sandwich, of any kind. I will strongly disagree on that one. Too much peanut butter, just gross and overpowering. Too little peanut butter, the sandwich ends up uneven and sometimes dry. You want the perfect mix of ingredients!

For a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich, I like using a thin layer of pb on one side of the bread, and adding the jelly to the other. Since I don’t like PB&J’s, I have learned over the years that this is usually the most preferred way of enjoying this sandwich, or so say my brother and kid. I tend to make my nuntella and peanut butter sandwiches the same way. Sometimes, if Im feeling a little crazy, I add bananas or strawberries also lol!

On the other hand, for a peanut butter and banana sandwich, I add peanut butter to both sides of the bread. Since you are getting more banana to peanut butter, in each bite, you have to even that out. I prefer less ripe bananas, they’re meatier and more sweet; which is a nice contrast with the salty peanut butter.

Whatever way you like your sandwich, so be it. I think we all forget to eat lunch sometimes, or we just don’t always have time to take a break from work and get something to fuel our minds… Pack yourself a sandwich! It takes 5min to make, and is easy to carry with you.